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DEA seizes 21 kilos of heroin in Bronx, one arrested

Published On: 10-17-2017 in Category: heroin

In a major drug bust, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reportedly recovered 21 kilograms of heroin laced with fentanyl from a tractor-trailer in the Bronx recently. Acting on a tip-off, the DEA agents intercepted the vehicle with Maine license plates on Bruckner Boulevard on October 8, 2017 and arrested its 33-year-old driver on charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance, a media report said.

Six kilos of the drugs were hidden in the cab of the truck, while another 15 kilos were stashed in the trailer. The entire drug consignment was wrapped in vacuum-sealed plastic packages in the shape of bricks. According to the criminal complaint, the driver, identified as Luciano Osobampo-Armenta, was the sole occupant of the truck.

Lethal combination of heroin and fentanyl

For a country that has been battling an uncontrollable opioid epidemic, easy availability of heroin has only multiplied its problems. As a cheaper option to opioids, heroin further exacerbates the ordeal of millions of users who are caught in the fetters of drugs. Heroin use has assumed devastating proportions across the U.S. among all sections of society due to its low cost and ease of availability. Moreover, illicit laboratories nationwide manufacture intravenous morphine infusion (IMF) clandestinely, which is sold to traffickers who either combine it with heroin or pass it off as heroin to an unwary addict. Besides, fentanyl is also available in illegal drug markets as counterfeit pills.

China white is the street name for a heroin substitute derived from fentanyl, which is a fast-acting strong prescription pain reliever. In powder form, fentanyl can be injected or inhaled to get a powerful high. In the recent past, several drug cartels have started cutting heroin with China white to increase its efficacy. However, failing to perform this accurately can cause sudden death for the unsuspecting user. Similar to other drugs, China white is capable of modifying the brain’s pleasure centers to cause addiction to the drug. Further, combining a dangerous central nervous system (CNS) depressant such as fentanyl with any other CNS depressant like alcohol or heroin can prove to be disastrous.

Studies suggest that heroin use in New York state has exceeded national average. As America’s most happening city is a melting pot of over 18 million people with immigrants from almost every corner of the globe in its five boroughs or in neighboring New Jersey, the complex ethnic diversity makes it easy for drug traffickers to smuggle heroin and other controlled substances into or through New York. The need of the hour is to expand access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in professional drug rehab centers and educate individuals about the dangers of drug overdoses.

Battling addiction menace

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