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Major heroin ring busted in New York City

Published On: 08-07-2017 in Category: drug addiction, Drug bust, heroin

In late July 2017, federal officials clamped down on a major heroin trafficking ring operating out of New York City, which led to the arrest of six gang members in the Brooklyn area and seizure of 12 kilograms of heroin worth $900,000. As per the papers filed in a federal court in Brooklyn, there is a huge possibility that the six suspects made frequent trips to Mexico to hold meeting with a local drug cartel, media reports said.

According to authorities, the six suspects — Peter Vasquez, Perfecto Deleon, Luis Lopez, Andres Reyes, Nestor Rivera and Victor Agosto — are ethnic Latinos with affiliations to a Mexican drug cartel, which would utilize them to push drugs into New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The group was known to flash their newly acquired wealth and luxurious lifestyle on social media. Instagram photographs under the user account @fishmoneybagz show some of the suspects, particularly Vasquez, Lopez and Agosto wearing expensive bathing suits on a boat. Moreover, there were also hundreds of other photographs of jewelry worth thousands of dollars owned by Lopez and his wife, a $3000-worth Versace stroller and Gucci sneakers worth hundreds of dollars for their children.

Besides, the men owned a fleet of the world’s most costly cars such as BMW M4, Lamborghini Hurácan, Range Rover Sport, Maserati, Porsche Cayenne, Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes S550, Bentley, Mercedes CLS63, and Audi R8 Spyder. Authorities believe that their Instagram photographs are solid indicators of the flamboyant life owing to the large money made by selling drugs. Experts say the six men face decades of prison time.

New York battling serious drug problems

Popularly known as the “center of the universe” and the “capital of the world,” this vibrant city has sadly turned into a hotbed of drug-trafficking activities involving criminals of every possible ethnicity and from all socio-economic backgrounds. In fact, drugs have become an unavoidable aspect of almost all the boroughs of New York or neighboring New Jersey. Laying hands on drugs is as easy as buying a can of beer in certain sections of this high-spirited city, which more than 18 million people call home.

Studies suggest the life-wrecking opioid epidemic, which claimed countless victims nationwide, has paved the way for heroin to become the drug of choice for numerous New Yorkers. Moreover, what really is a matter of grave concern is that this readily available lethal white powder is swiftly making inroads into newer neighborhoods of the city, affecting people of all ethnic backgrounds alike. Valentine Avenue in the Bronx neighborhood is a classic example of the damage and death unleashed by heroin in the form of fatal overdoses, shooting, stabbings and gang violence in the past years.

Mexican drug cartels exploit the city’s excellent and well-connected intricate infrastructure and transportation facilities to flood neighborhoods with deadly drugs, which are distributed at the street level by dangerous gangs, such as Mara Salvatrucha, Netas, Bloods, Crips, Dominicans Don’t Play, Crips, and Latin Kings. Large networks of drug traffickers and criminal gangs have diversified their operations all over the city’s neighborhoods right from the desolate alleyways in a Staten Island housing project to luxury apartments in the high rises of Washington Heights in the borough of Manhattan, plying their business brazenly with complete disregard for the law.

Getting drug-free is possible

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