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New York City administrative board upholds driver’s right to use medical marijuana

Published On: 09-07-2017 in Category: Drug Abuse, drug addiction, marijuana

Upholding the right of certified patients to access medical marijuana, a New York City administrative board recently sought to end discriminatory rules that prevented taxi drivers from using medical marijuana. According to media reports, the New York City Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings (OATH) ruled that revocation of a Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) driver’s license over medical cannabis use was a violation of both city and state laws.

In July 2017, the TLC had revoked a driver’s license on grounds of testing positive for marijuana. The OATH’s recent decision is on the lines of the New York Compassionate Care Act, which mandates that certified medical cannabis patients cannot be deprived of their right to use marijuana-based medications nor should be penalized for its use in the future.

Additionally, as per the New York State Human Rights Law, all certified medical marijuana patients in the city are considered to have a disability, which safeguards them from any kind of penalty such as rescinding of their driving licenses.

Many states view marijuana as medicine, but DEA doesn’t

“Right now, the science doesn’t support it,” Chuck Rosenberg, acting administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), had said in an interview. These words keep the federal government at loggerheads with the states where the use of medical marijuana has been decriminalized. The DEA has blatantly denied therapeutic value of marijuana, citing lack of scientific evidence despite a growing uproar to legalize it for treating a variety of conditions.

According to the DEA, a higher or harsher classification doesn’t signify that marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine or meth, or is on par with heroin. It simply recognises the fact that marijuana, like other Schedule I drugs, is perceived by the federal government to have high potential for abuse and absolutely no medicinal value.

On the other hand, many pro-marijuana advocates believe that it is actually one of the least-addictive mind-altering drugs. It has been argued as an effective remedy for chronic pain.  Moreover, it is a well-known fact that people with this condition are routinely prescribed powerful painkillers that cause tens of thousands of overdose deaths each year, so using medical marijuana could actually be a life saver, they argue.

However, experts say marijuana rewires the brain’s reward system by triggering a dopamine deluge, which could modify the way a user’s brain responds to other hard drugs. Marijuana use disorder not only impacts several vital body and brain functions in an adverse way, but also wreaks havoc in an individual’s personal as well as professional life.

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