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Ilion police arrest 3 people on multiple drug charges

Published On: 04-12-2018 in Category: cocaine

Ilion police arrest 3 people on multiple drug charges

Executing a search warrant, the Ilion police raided a residence at 341 Otsego Street on April 5, 2018, and arrested three individuals on multiple drug charges, including possession and distribution of cocaine. A New York State Police K-9 Unit and the Herkimer/Mohawk Special Response Team assisted the Ilion police in the operation. The arrested individuals — 37-year-old Jennifer Rice, and 26-year-old Zackerus Burks II, both of 341 Otsego Street in Ilion — face charges of sale and possession of a controlled substance, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, and endangering the welfare of a child. A third woman, 22-year-old Jadelyn Ewell of 224 East Main Street, faces criminal charges of drug possession.

Both Rice and Burks were presented before Judge Stephen Canipe in Ilion Village Court and booked into the Herkimer County Correctional Facility in lieu of $60,000 bond or $30,000 cash bail. Ewell was also asked to appear in the village court and was released on her own recognizance, according to the Ilion police.

Drug trafficking is widespread across several neighborhoods in New York City. Drug dealers have, in fact, expanded their network all over the city and the neighboring areas, right from the upscale residential apartments of Washington Heights in the borough of Manhattan to the lonely and crime-ridden alleyways in a Staten Island housing project. New York may seem to be the most hip and happening American metropolis with over millions of residents calling this vibrant city their home. But, on the flip side, there is an inviable, intricate network of drug traffickers from every possible ethnic background in the world who are constantly pushing lethal drugs into the city.

Cocaine is an addictive drug                

Cocaine is one of the most abused drugs in the U.S., which causes the maximum number of emergency room visits nationwide. It is one of the deadliest substances known to create a tremendous psychological dependence by stimulating the key pleasure centers in the brain. However, in chronic users, the pleasure centers get used to the huge cocaine-induced dopamine surge and they begin to develop greater tolerance to the drug. Therefore, they start feeling the urge to take higher amounts of the drug to feed their addiction and experience the same level of pleasure.

In addition to life-threatening heart rhythm abnormalities, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory problems, cocaine is capable of shrinking the gray matter in the prefrontal and temporal regions responsible for memory, attention and decision-making. The only way to break free from the vicious hold of this deadly drug is to undergo a specialized detox program in a reputed rehab to offset the life-wrecking effects of cocaine.

Seeking treatment for addiction

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