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  • Cocaine abuse continues to plague New York

    Published On: 01-04-2016 in Category: Cocaine abuse

    New York, the ‘City of Dreams,’ is known mainly for its Broadway theaters, electronic billboards and huge business offices. However, an increase in the abuse of cocaine and its negative consequences have only highlighted the problems of the city reeling under drugs. A recent drug bust involving the seizure of 136 pounds of cocaine worth […]

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  • New York gears up to fight against drug abuse

    Published On: 12-22-2015 in Category: Drug Abuse

    With an expansion in New York’s drug market, many new programs are being formulated to restrict the movement of heroin, opium and other harmful drugs from one place to another. The market is inundated with illegal drugs, which is nerve-wracking to say the least, and drug dealers are making a lot of money. But at […]

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  • The link between drug use and mental illness

    Published On: 10-12-2015 in Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Mental Illness


    Drug abuse may trigger a mental health disorder or, alternatively, a mental health disorder may trigger drug abuse. Comorbidity, or concurrent conditions, must be treated simultaneously in order to ensure a successful treatment outcome. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people with mild forms of mental illness may turn to drugs as a […]

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  • Oregon tries opioid alternatives for pain

    Published On: 09-30-2015 in Category: Drug Abuse, Health and Wellness, Opioids, Prescription Medication


    National Public Radio (NPR) reports that one-third of their drug abuse hospitalizations in Oregon are opioid-related. However, that hasn’t stopped the state from becoming the first in the nation to adopt non-medical use of opioids. Doris Keene of Portland, Oregon, mother of four children, always led a very active life, but at age 59, health […]

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  • New York focuses drug policy on public health and safety

    Published On: 09-07-2015 in Category: health, public health


    Earlier this year New York City Council passed legislation to create an Office of Drug Strategy that would coordinate the drug strategy between and collaborate with numerous city agencies and community organizations. In a bid to revamp how the city deals with illegal drug abuse, this New York City office is the first of its […]

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  • New York’s I-STOP law: putting an end to prescription drug abuse

    Published On: 08-27-2015 in Category: Addiction

    new york istop law

    The New York state law, I-STOP (Internet System for Tracking Over Prescribing), requires all prescriptions to be transmitted electronically. This legislation took effect on August 27, 2013. Although it was scheduled to be officially implemented by March 27, 2015, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature amended the Public Health Law and […]

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  • The complexity of problem gambling

    Published On: 07-22-2015 in Category: gambling

    complexity problem gambling

    Gambling addiction, otherwise known as problem gambling, is no longer insignificant as psychology’s understanding of the issue continues to evolve, exploring new avenues. Gambling becomes a problem when it starts interfering with and disrupting finances, relationships, mental health and work. Typically regarded as a progressive addiction with many adverse psychological, physical and social effects, it […]

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