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Former NYPD cop arrested in heroin ring bust

Published On: 06-02-2017 in Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, drug addiction, heroin

A retired female New York Police Department (NYPD) narcotics detective was among several people arrested recently in the bust of a large heroin trafficking ring, operating in Brooklyn, Nassau County and Queens. Karan Young, the retired detective who is currently an employee of Delta Airlines at LaGuardia Airport in the New York City borough of Queens, is reportedly the girlfriend of one of the leaders of the heroin ring.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office has arrested about 14 individuals in connection to the sales of 23,000 heroin doses per week on the street for about $170,000, media reports said. Most of the arrested individuals face charges of drug trafficking, including conspiracy. According to Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas, most of the members of the heroin ring were involved in packaging and selling heroin to various drug dealers. They were also accused of using barbershops and auto body outlets in the Brooklyn area to distribute the drugs.

Young’s boyfriend Leigh Jackson sold prepackaged heroin under the brand “Taster’s Choice,” which was associated with multiple cases of overdoses, including one instance of fatal overdose in Nassau County in June 2016. Authorities say that Young collected drug proceeds on behalf of Jackson. An investigation in January 2016 of a Hempstead-based heroin dealer eventually led to the arrest of Jackson who supplied him heroin. Finally, the arrest of Young also led to the seizure of two firearms, ammunition, about $12,000 in cash and 1,000 prepackaged decks of heroin.

Heroin addiction is at an all-time high in New York

The number of people using heroin in the state of New York has exceeded the national average. As America’s most vibrant city, New York City is home to more than 18 million people with settlers from almost every nook and cranny of the world in its boroughs or in neighboring New Jersey, making the region a melting point of different drug trafficking organizations.

As in the past years, the rate of heroin overdoses is highest among white New Yorkers. But in the recent years, Hispanic residents have become victims of the drug. According to the latest report of New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in 2015, the rate increased by 51 percent among Latino New Yorkers from 6.8 per 100,000 in 2014 to 10.3 per 100,000 in 2015.

Mexican and Colombian heroin dominates the drug scene in New York. The drug traffickers have exploited the latest advancements in technology to penetrate deeper into the state to reach out to a completely new group of end-users and patrons: curious high schoolers, aspiring college athletes, professors and professionals. This has resulted in easy-to-get injectable, white powder heroin. In a survey of patients undergoing de-addiction treatment in drug rehab centers, easy access was one of the major driving forces that prompted them to start using heroin.

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